Aanraku Frit Piston

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  • Turn scrap glass into frit - ideal for creating your own custom frit blends!
  • Large capacity and light weight - perfect for making a little or making a lot!

A Revolutionary Tool for Fusers and Flameworkers
Turn scrap glass and rods into custom frit without any fuss! Simply place compatible glass into the Aanraku Fit Piston, insert the upper plunger into the tube and plunge. You are in complete control - create as much or as little frit as you want, in any size you want. With its rugged design, this frit maker is designed for a long life and heavy use. Imagine the possibilities. Delphi artists love how quickly you can make a lot of frit. Use with Frit Sifters #63999 and sift your frit into different sizes ranging from powder to coarse. 

Large 6" x 6" x 12" capacity weighs just 7 pounds. Includes instructions and a rare earth magnet to ensure good results.

Sili Tip: Keep your Frit Piston working like new by keeping the interior dry. If you notice any rust, lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper, then use the included magnet to remove any metal shards and fragments.

Sili Customer Tip:
"Here's a tip for using the magnet: Never drag it directly through the glass--you'll be forever trying to get the filings cleaned off. Instead, drop it into the corner of an envelope, e.g., and drag that through. Then just hold it over your disposal container, pull out the magnet and the filings fall right off. And the white background of the envelope makes it easy to see when you've finally gotten them all." - Phoebe Spore, Online Product Review

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