Glass Pens

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  • Spiral Design, Hand-Made. The pen is threaded designed to increase ink adsorption, smooth writing, to extend the writing time, hand-made, pen grip comfortable. Once dipped in ink can be mantained about 20-60 words. 
  • High Boron Silicon Heat-Resistant Glass Material, Crystal Clear. High borosilicate heat resistant glass water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance class A, durable, prevent fracture, glass harmful ingredients less than 0.1%. 
  • Multicolor Optional, Classic Spread. Various colors, indium foil embellishment increased the high-grade texture of the glass pen, set off the gorgeous color of the glass pen. 
  • Easy To Clean. Rinse with clean water and dry with paper towel after use. You only need to spend 10 seconds cleaning before switching other colors. 
  • Retro Style, Simple Fashion. The glass pen is made of stained glass, beautiful and exquisite, the best choice of gifts! 

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