Hi-Temp 1800 Mold Release And Lubricant

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  • Easy to use spray is formulated with Boron Nitride
  • Ideal for use on stainless steel molds
  • Not recommended for casting applications or ceramic molds
  • For re-application apply 4-5 thorough light coats
Applying release to stainless steel molds has never been easier!
Slide's Hi-Temp 1800 Boron Nitrate Spray is an aerosol mold release primer for stainless steel molds. Sold in 10 oz canisters, Hi-Temp 1800 is great for metal molds because there's no need to pre-heat the mold before applying. 

For the first two applications, apply 6-7 coats allowing each coat to dry in-between. For re-application apply 4-5 thorough light coats.

Silica tip: after a few firings, a soft bristle brush can be used to loosen and remove old release before re-application.

Silica Tip: While coating molds be sure shake well and keep the can vertical. Spraying at an angle or upside down will cause you to only get propellant and not the mold release.

Easy to Use with Stainless Steel Molds 
Hi-Temp 1800 is easy to apply to any metal mold. The mold surface will be visible through the spray. If you cannot see the mold surface you have applied too much. For firings above 1350° F, you will have to re-coat your mold after each firing.

Note: Because Boron Nitride seals the surface, once you use it on your mold traditional primers won't absorb evenly.

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