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The Little Torch is a miniature welding torch which can be fuelled by Butane, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Natural Gas or Propane.

The torch can be used in difficult to reach areas and areas which are often impossible to reach with a conventional torch. Using your choice of gas supply and an oxygen supply, the torch produces a thread-thin flame which is stable and perfectly controlled.

The flame reaches temperatures hot enough to melt metals, glass and ceramics and is controlled with two adjustable control valves on the torch body.

The Little Torch will weld, braze, solder and heat a range of materials and is perfect for small, delicate and intricate pieces.

The maximum temperature of the Little Torch depends on the fuel used:

  • Acetylene: 3260-3482°C
  • Butane: 2757°C
  • Hydrogen: 2676°C
  • Natural Gas: 2537°C
  • Propane: 2637°C

We would highly recommend the use of flashback arrestors and regulators with this product;

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