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The star tetrahedron within our heart is a place of union and transformation. A star tetrahedron, also known as a Merkaba, consists of two counter-rotating tetrahedrons. The upward-pointing tetrahedron representing fire, air and blade; merges with the downward-facing tetrahedron representing water, earth and chalice. Together they generate the electro-magnetic field that surrounds us.

Empedocles, Greek philosopher c.490–430 BCE, pioneered the theory of four classical elements: fire, air,water, earth. He felt that the two active principles of love and strife were the eternal forces that create union and separation.

He felt that love was the power that attracts different forms of matter while strife separates them. Today this can be seen in the dynamic relationship between matter and anti-matter. It can be felt between the push and pull of magnetic energy. Opposite poles (positive and negative) are attracted to each other, while the same poles will repel each other. This magnetic energy resides within us, as the heart produces 60% more electromagnetic energy than the brain.

Just as we can energetically feel our heart open and expand in the presence of profound love, we can feel our heart close when surrounded by chaos. The heart holds the universal language of love and is felt without saying a word. Kindness and compassion are two of the most powerful qualities that create loving relationships.

Message: Love and strife are both influencing our life right now. Allow this flow to occur and become conscious of what needs our attention. Love involves making peace within before making peace with others or with situations that are causing strife. Seek out those who are real enough to be honest, and who love us for who we are and who we are becoming.

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