Portable Power Stained Grinder

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Voltage: 110V, 0.1A

Power: 65W

Rotating speed: 4200r/min

Working table size: 165x165 mm

Machine size: 195x195x195 mm

Machine weight: 2kg

Color: Red



1.Suitable for grinding glass,ceramics and other hard and brittle material.

2. Two models of Grinding wheel for this machine, respectively, are mcbl1,mcbl58, we will send one free MCBL58Grinding Wheel

3.Inside the rotary shaft (the fine shaft of the grinding head) diameter: 0.7cm, Grinding wheel inner diameter: 0.79cm


Grinding wheel installation:

1. Before installation of grinding wheel, topped with lubricant, engine shaft grinding wheels need to apply a layer of lubricant inside.

2. The grinding wheel mounted to the engine shaft, the fixed screw position higher than the engine shaft. The position of the grinding

    wheel on the axle must be at least 1/8" diamond part above the operating table.

3. Fixed grinding wheel on the shaft with hexagonal wrench clockwisely.


Installation Note: Maintain stability of the grinding wheel installed in the engine shaft of the plane.


Operationg Note:

1. Can not grinding without water. Ensure the grinding wheel is wet

2. When using the grinding wheel, with small strength , don't use too much strength.Too much

    strength will reduce grinding machine and the service life of the grinding wheel.

3. After usement, clean the water reservoir. Remove the reservoir, clean up the rest of the residue

    after grinding.

4. In

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