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(includes all supplies, materials and safety equipment

Expand your children’s world beyond crayons and markers. Our Kid’s Kraft classes are designed to bring out the creativity and imagination in each student in a fun a exciting series of glass project, each created to be an engaging adventure.

In the workshops our young students are taught many foundational aspects of creating fused-glass art including:

  • The history and process of Glass Fusion.
  • Some of the different forms of glass firing including Tack, Slump, Full and Drape.
  • The varied forms of glass materials used including Glass Stringer, Glass Frit, Glass Powder, Dichoric glass and more.
  • The basics of glass cutting.
  • How to combine different media such as acrylic paint, wood and glass fusion in order to create more complex Glass Art pieces.

Projects include creating expressive Glass Art objects such as Tea Light Holders, Picture Frames, Wall Art , Sun Catchers and many more. In each class our students also have the opportunity to share and inspire each other in an open, fun and safe environment where often the friendships that are made are just as wonderful as the art they create. Come see what a difference Glass Art education can make in bringing out your child’s spirit and creativity and how that experience can spill over into all other areas of their life.

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