The Pocket Vase! A Simple Spring Pleasure.

April 17, 2023

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Flora, there lived a kind and gentle flower fairy by the name of Petal. As all fairies do, Petal had many wonderful magical powers – one of which was to make flowers bloom wherever she went!

One day whilst flying through the meadows, Petal noticed that some of her favorite flowers were wilting in the heat. She decided to try and find a way to keep them fresh for longer so that everyone could enjoy their beauty. After much pondering and experimenting with various materials, she eventually conjured up something quite special made of glass: The Pocket Vase!

The Pocket Vase was an enchanted vase, no bigger than your hand, but powerful enough to hold any flower within it without having it fade or die away.  Those tiny spring blooms now had a beautiful vase to house them in!!  All you had to do was simply snip your favorite spring flowers and voila!  A lovely containment vessel that attaches to your wall.

Soon word spread far and wide about this miraculous invention – with more people wanting one for each room in their houses. So as demand increased, Petal set out and traveled across the golden lands offering her new creation everywhere she went.  Have you gotten yours yet? Shop Here >

And this is how the Pocket Vase became well known throughout all corners of the land, bringing joyfulness wherever it graced the walls of all the townspeople.


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